Debut Post: You’re all grown up and blogging!

What a week it has been since I have taken ownership of this blog. Forgive the appearance of the site but I am still trying to learn and explore all my options. So many themes and widgets and what-nots! This blog will most likely take a different approach then before but it will still be pure in the love for all things food. I can definitely agree with the title “Foodie” but so much more in the professional sense. I have been trapped in the restaurant industry  for about eight years now and spent three years at the Art Institute of Phoenix where I received my Bachelors Degree in Culinary Management. Due to the fact that I have a child and they get pricey as they grow, I have decided to take the *FOH (Front of the House) route where I have taken every role they offer. From manager to bus boy, I have done it all. There is something about working in a restaurant that I seem to be attatched to. It is not a stagnant cubicle kind of job, but more so an adventure every single day. No day is the same as the one before. There is always someone new to meet, different plate to try, and most importantly, new wine to taste! Oh my love for wine! That is enough to stay in this industry but there are so many other percs.

I was recently employed at two different restaurants in Scottsdale, one for the lunch shift and one for dinner shift. But life happens and I have moved on from my lunch job and now am only employed at one. It was a good run but time to move on! If you have never worked in a restaurant, you most likely don’t know about the type of people who work in them. We are insane! All of us! What kind of normal person wants to work all weekends and holidays and work the hours that we do? I know as a child I never thought to myself, “I can’t wait till I grow up so I can be a server! Oh wait…I want to be a bartender! Then maybe I won’t have a weekend, and hopefully my days off will be Monday and Wednesday. Now that would be the life!”  Nope…not the case at all. But it is reality and I love it! I can’t stay away and have learned so much. Enough of all that though. I know that this blog before me was focused on food and restaurants, and I can’t wait to continue down that same path but there will be some slight rabbit trails every once in a while. With all the time I spend in restaurants and with food, I could easily make that 100% the focus of this but there is so much more in my life that I want to share. I have had a lot of change in my life recently from ending a long term relationship, moving on from a two year job, to realizing that I need to reevaluate my priorities in life. So this blog will record the brand new life of Me! Not sure if I’m ready to reveal my name but that’ll come in time.

My first adventure as a single bachelor was this past weekend where I spent three days camping in Zion National Park in Utah. This was such an amazing experience and just eye opening to how much of life is still yet to be explored. I am not the manliest of men. I definitely couldn’t work on my car if needed to, fix anything that has to do with plumbing, and really couldn’t tell you who the highest scoring QB of the NFL was in 2011. This doesn’t mean I don’t love sports, cars, or…plumbing? Scratch that, I don’t love plumbing. But this weekend really allowed me to get in touch with my manly side. From cooking on the campfire to hiking the nine mile Subway Trail, I really felt more in touch with my self then I have in a long time. Sometimes the stars tell you truth about where you are in life and they open your eyes to see where you need to be. I’ll be honest, I definitely have a passion for the ladies. Come on though, you women are beautiful creatures. Crazy, but beautiful. During the weekend though, I came to the realization that I need to learn to make experiencing life a priority over seeking companionship. Not saying that is an easy task but like stated before, so much of life that I’ve yet to experience. Maybe it’s the bitterness of a broken heart but I think I am ready to be selfish and do what I want to do now. Well, this debut post wasn’t much about food but it is my blog and I will write what I want. (Did I do okay right there? Being selfish yet?) I will leave you with some amazing pictures from the weekend and guarantee next posts will be more “Foodie” friendly. Enjoy the weekend! Go Devils!


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  1. Great photos of UT! Makes me want to go there. Experiencing life as a Top Priority is a smart idea – go for it! Living passionately like that will attract other passionate people into your life and make it even more rewarding. I will look forward to following the blog!

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