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Lets talk about food. More specifically, lets talk about Windsor.

Right now I am absolutely in love with one of AZ’s newest top restaurants, Windsor. This is the baby of the same company who owns Postino’s (another favorite of mine, but that’s a whole different post). What is it about Windsor that makes me keep coming back? I think its the rawness of the restaurant. When I step into this restaurant, I feel like I truly believe they want me to make myself at home. There are no uniforms but I get the feeling they told the staff to be as trendy as possible. Trendy sales, smart move. The patio is the first thing you see when you walk up. As beautiful as it is, no point in outside seating until October, but on those rare occasions that it’s not scorching, you’ll find me out there. I am a bartender so I usually am attracted to the bar. I feel most comfortable near booze. Just playing…kind of. I always am taken care of by the same bartenders. One of them looks like he’s straight out of Pineapple Express (modern day stoner movie) and the other one is the clean cut pompadour sporting Hispanic. These two are always giving me great service and always paying attention to the guests needs. I point this out because there have been other times when I am sitting at a table that I’ve received sub par service. We won’t go into too much detail about that though.

Everyday till 5 o’clock, all cocktails, pitchers of beer, and glasses of wine are only $5! If that isn’t enough for you, then you don’t appreciate the little things in life. These aren’t your screwdrivers and moscow mule cocktails. These are cocktails that are thought out with fresh ingredients like watermelon, candied ginger, green tea extract, blackberries, fresh grapefruit juice, etc. These are sexy cocktails! Beautiful garnishments that actually get put to use, not thrown onto your beverage napkin and taken away. Don’t worry men, if you aren’t into cocktails, did I mention $5 pitchers? Stella, Sierra Nevada, Kilt Lifter, Oskar Blue, so many! I love wine too but I usually stick to my cocktails and beer when I am eating here. Just feels right.

The drink specials are great and all, but I come for one reason. Well, two actually but the food is what shines the most. It’s a rare occasion, but there are moments in my dining out experiences where I do act Mexican. I know I know, me, who would have thought? I say this because whenever I come, it is a must that I order the Ceviche. This is a citrus marinated white fish and shrimp mixture with cucumbers, Anaheim chile’s, cilantro, tomato, and onion served with house made chips. Very simple traditional ceviche bu the flavors are out of this world. Before you go and try to order this and share it with a date, think again. It will benefit you and score you some brownie points if you each order your own. UnlessĀ  you’re one of the weird ones who enjoy sharing with the ones you love. Secret to a successful relationship: Don’t share. Write that down.

After you’re done with that light stuff and ready for that stick to your rib food, Porkwhich time. I am not usually a sandwich kind of guy unless it’s a grilled cheese. But my eyes have been open to the Sandwich world. The Porkwhich is best defined as sexy. They do right by me by starting off with using a buttermilk bun. Great flavor and not dry at all. Next step is to top it off with tender pulled pork. Here is where people go wrong, they cook the hell out of the pork and try to mask it with bbq sauce. Not here. After the layer of pulled pork, they top it off with tenderbelly braised ham. Ham on Ham crime? I think so! But it doesn’t stop there. They kick it up a notch with smoked bacon, which I believe should be a requirement on every sandwich, but that’s my opinion. The pork trifecta! Now, I don’t like to take flavor away from the meat so I opt out of the coleslaw. I know that’s blasphemous but I am a carnivore. Veggies and I have a weird relationship but we are working things out on my time. She’s very understanding of my vegetable neglect and is willing to take it slow. Anyways, that’s not it. The cherry on top is the sauce. Thee Gold Sauce. This sauce is this bright gold mustard based sauce with spices and other magical ingredients that just bring it all together. I highly recommend getting extra to dip the fries or just pour more over the sandwich. By far the best sandwich I have ever had! It’sĀ  not like there aren’t other great things on the menu. I can rave about the ribs, burger, mango salsa chicken sandwich but Porkwich has stolen my heart and I will never be unfaithful. I try so hard! Especially when I read about the Jumbo Crabcake sandwich topped with more tenderbelly bacon. But I stay true. Stay Golden!

If you want great food and great drink, which is why everyone goes out, this is the spot to go. Amazing ambiance, great service, beautiful staff (well…the waitresses are!) and just always a nice place to feel welcome. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Great post! I was reading about the Porkwich and “pork trifecta”, & was practically drooling over my keyboard! You described that so well, it really sounds delicious. I like the photos too. The patio looks very laid back and inviting…

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